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Mediterranean Voices

A Video/Concert Architecture about Twelve Identities from the Mediterranean Region


Twelve composers have written new pieces for the Neue Vocalsolisten. The video artist Daniel Kötter has visited the twelve home countries and represented the different situations of the artists and the regions in more than 100 relevant short films. The architect Sofia Dona has designed the architectural setting for the multi-part project.

Uraufführung/World Premiere: 9. Februar 2014, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Festival ECLAT


Eine Produktion von Musik der Jahrhunderte Stuttgart
Gefördert von der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, der Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, dem Goethe Institut und der Akademie Schloss Solitude

The Mediterranean
A transcultural space straddling three continents, charged with history and myths, the cradle of democracy and the birthplace of three world religions. The space in which some of the most important achievements of civilization, namely the development of writing, the arts and philosophy had their beginnings. A space full of diversity and contradictions that has always been shaken by claims to power and fratricidal wars. A space in which Europe draws boundaries. A space in a state of change, struggling for forms of modern society. A place of longing.

The Protagonists
The project Mediterranean Voices is an interpretation of the Mediterranean region from the perspective of twelve artists either living in or originating from Mediterranean countries. New Music, Western music based on a European understanding of art, plays, if at all, a very small part in the cultural life of most Mediterranean countries (since the financial crisis and the collapse of arts funding, this has also been the case in most Southern European nations). Anyone living there who chooses to become a composer leaves their country and studies in Europe or North America, where many go on to retain their professional base. They belong to their country’s intellectual class, regardless of whether they live abroad or return home. Their situation as artists between professional singularity, critical distance from their native country and a deep rooting in their culture also gives them a special position, with the possibility of a clear, unvarnished, clear-sighted and empathic view on their country. We invited twelve composers from twelve countries between Spain and Egypt and between Syria and Morocco to develop a project about the Mediterranean region with the Neue Vocalsolisten, the video artist Daniel Kötter and the Greek architect Sofia Donaan artistic space that would give us an idea of the themes and dynamics of this region.

The Mediators
Mediterranean Voices is also a project about the voice, which plays a special part in the music of the Mediterraneanwhether in combination with text and poetry, liturgy and Qur’an recitation or archaic singing traditions in different cultures. But the voice also offers a wealth of means for artistic expression, and many composers from the Mediterranean in particular have developed a special affinity for this ‘instrument’. For over a year, the singers have been in close dialogue with the twelve protagonists of the project. Three symposia have allowed them to become acquainted and engage in artistic exchange, but have also located the project in the context of social and artistic themes. And twelve trips were taken: each singer visited one of the composers in their native country.

The Researcher
The video artist Daniel Kötter accompanied the Mediterranean Voices for over a year, filming their discussions and journeys and going on extended trips through the Mediterranean region with the sound expert Marcin Lenarczyk. In addition to the twelve portraits showing the composers’ artistic and cultural location in their home countries, he produced an artistically and documentarily unique video installation of 144 short clips. A gripping interpretation of the Mediterranean from the perspective of an investigative cameraman and artist.

The Architect
The Greek architect Sofia Dona designed the performance space for the music and the video installations. She had to strike a balance between poetry and pragmatism, between vision and diplomacy. The challenges are complex: how does one design an extended video exhibition within a concert situation? How does one situate twelve spatially distinct concert pieces in a uniform space?

The Works

Im Rahmen von Mediterranean Voices sind 12 Kompositionen von 12 Komponisten aus dem Mittelmeerraum entstanden. Sie wurden im Rahmen des ECLAT 2014 uraufgeführt. Auf diesen Seiten finden Sie Mitschnitte der Aufführungen und Informationen zu den Werken.

The Composers

Dániel Péter Biró (Victoria), Zeynep Gedizlioglu (Istanbul/Berlin), Zaid Jabri (Damaskus/Krakau), Nimrod Katzir (Tel Aviv), Brahim Kerkour (Rabat/London), Zad Moultaka (Beirut/Paris), Samir Odeh-Tamimi (Jaljulya/Berlin), Amr Okba (Kairo), Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (Thessaloniki/Berlin), Silvia Rosani (Triest/London), Evis Sammoutis (Nikosia), Josep Sanz (Barcelona)


Daniel Kötter, Video, Sofia Dona, Architektur/Bühnenbild (arcitecture/stage design), Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart


Auf 12 Leinwänden, positioniert in vier Sälen, mit insgesamt 144 Videos werden verschiedene Gedankenlinien quer durch die Mittelmeerregion gezogen: architektonische Beobachtungen, soziale Wirklichkeiten, politische Anekdoten. »Lesen« Sie diesen Katalog in ihrer eigenen Dynamik, bestimmen Sie selbst, welche Ausschnitte Sie sehen wollen und in welcher Reihenfolge. Machen Sie Ihre eigene (sicher nicht vollständige) Entdeckung der Mittelmeerregion.