One line

Carola Bauckholt: Witten Vakuum

for two voices with vacuum cleaner


On the aesthetic basis of Witten Vacuum

I have long been interested in suction sounds such as the gurgling of a fountain, the slurping of a drain, or the infinitely beautiful gurgling of water in grottos where wave and suction interact. In music, this sonic phenomenon has not yet been addressed. Our ordinary instruments are basically based on sound production by friction (strings…) or exhalation (voice, wind instruments…). Sucking in does not occur. Yet this aspect is part of our life, like inhaling and exhaling. While searching for an instrument that can produce sucking sounds, I discovered that with the help of the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner, which is placed at the corner of the mouth, countless novel sounds can be produced by changing the oral cavity. The modern »Silent« vacuum cleaner from Miele reduces the intrinsic noise of the vacuum cleaner. However, the connotation of the »instrument« remains.

For you: Of course, the connotation resonates and it will also be female voices (because it will probably not work well with men because of the beard growthno man has tried it yet). But I think that also belongs in the church. It could have something latently provocativealso in the concert hall.

(Carola Bauckholt)